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Toilet Installation & Repair

Our plumbing professionals are here to discuss your preferences and budget to help you find the right toilet for your bathrooms.

The types of toilet we install:

1. Gravity-feed toilets.
2. Pressure-assisted flush toilet.
3. Dual-flush toilets.
4. Single-flush toilets.
5. Waterless toilets.
6. One-piece toilet.
7. Two-piece toilets.
8. Comfort-height toilets.
9. High-efficiency toilets.

Toilet Repair – Our team is ready to come to your home, inspect your toilets and ensure they are working properly. Even if a toilet seems like it’s working, it could still have functional issues.

Signs that your toilet needs repair include:

1. Strange hissing or rumbling during a flush
2. Tank takes too long to fill after a flush
3. Toilet flushes on its own.
4. Toilet constantly runs.
5. Strange smells coming from the toilet.
6. Water collecting around the base of the toilet.

Some of the problems are not an emergency, but they can cause your toilet to work wastefully.

Shower Installation & Repair

At MCK Plumbing, we handle everything from minor leaks to broken faucets to complete shower installations, so when you need to have a shower installed or replaced, you need the work of a plumbing team that is trusted.
Shower installation-our team installs shower components including:

1. Hot tubs.
2. Standard bathtubs.
3. Stand alone showers.
4. Walk-in tubs.

Shower repair-Our licensed plumbers have experienced working with all types of showerheads, they’ll correctly diagnose the issue and provide you with the best possible repair solution.

We repair all types of showers:

1. Walk-in showers.
2. Stand-up showers.
3. Corner showers.
4. Custom showers.

Water & Heater Installation

You can count on us when the time arrives to update your water heater and install a new one.
MCK Plumbing will help you make the perfect selection that
matches your unique needs and precisely follow
every specification to the last detail.
When you should repair or replace your water heater?
We recommend considering a new one if:

1. If it’s providing insufficient hot water.
2. If it’s frequently breaking down and needing costly repairs
3. If it’s over 10 years old, wearing out, and losing its efficiency,
4. If it leaks or is rusting due to water minerals.

Water & Heater maintenance

Maintenance can prevent emergencies and improve durability, which it should be inspected by a licensed plumber every year.
Our water heater maintenance services include:

1. Routine hot water heater flushing.
2. Art replacements.
3. Multi-point inspections that check for cracks, leaks, and joint gaps
4. Temperature and pressure valve safety checks.

Plumbing Installation

Whether you need a simple faucet installation or piping installed for a new system, our team at MCK Plumbing will provide the reliable work that you need.
From simple to complex, our plumbers can install it all.

Piping & re-piping

Piping is one of the plumbing issues that most homeowners face.
A small leak can turn into a large problem, an aged pipe can also begin to corroding, so we as a team can inspect your pipes and identify if they can be repaired or if they need to be replaced.

Areas that require gas pipe and repiping include:

1. BBQ grill
2. Boiler
3. Fire pits
4. Kitchen range
5. Water heater

Drain installation

Our service for drain installation is designed to make life easier for our customers-to give them a stress-free experience while providing durable and long-lasting results.
We provide costumer’s with high-grade drain installation services, from whole house remodels to small upgrades.

Signs that is time to install a new drain:

1. If you’ve had the same drain
problems repeatedly for several months (or years).

2. If your water fixtures are backing up
with water from another fixture on the same floor.

3. If you’re seeing clogs despite
not flushing anything harmful down the drain.

Faucet Installation

Whether you’re renovating, upgrading, or moving in, we provide exterior and interior faucet installation services.Our team have experienced installing and replacing all types of faucets, including:
1. Showers.
2. Bathtubs.
3. Kitchen and bathroom sinks.
4. Laundry rooms.

Signs You Need Faucet Replacement:
1. Faucet is dripping.
2. Faucet or handles are leaking.
3. Faucet or handles aren’t working properly.
4. Rust, grime, or mineral. deposits are continuously building up.
5. Screeching, clicking, or clanking noises are coming from the faucet.
6. Bad smells or tastes are coming solely from that faucet.
7. Water pressure is continuously poor.
8. Old age (10-15+ years).